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We developed a basic frame analysis program based around the FRAME3DD
application produced by Henri Gavin at Duke University.

This employs Google SketchUp as a front end graphic interface for the analysis.

A copy of the program code, and more information, can be found here,


We have defined a general template for a SketchUp function to draw
3D beam sections. Four example functions are provided here to demonstrate
the way in which to construct frame geometry.

CHS 21 Tube  chs21.zip (2,796 bytes)
CHS 26 Tube  chs26.zip (2,778 bytes)
SHS 25 Tube  shs25.zip (3,198 bytes)
RHS 25 Tube  rhs25.zip (2,880 bytes)

These functions build a 3D tubular section and store specific attribute
data with each section. Our next step is to extract the attribute
data and use this to automatically generate the input to the
Frame3DD program.

While we have made every effort to check and verify the information provided here we can give no guarantees
as to its accuracy. If you do find an error please advise us so we can correct it.

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