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This web site provides a source of data on the standard steel sections available, and currently used in Australia. Much of this information is sourced from the BHP Hot Rolled and Structural Steel Products Catalogue, with the remaining information obtained from several other sources.

Approximately 400 sections are currently presented, with each section having its own dedicated page.

Each section page offers 2D section profiles in both DXF and DWG formats, and a 3D SAT file format for solid modelling applications, with all sections able to be freely downloaded.

The DXF and DWG files are provided in AutoCAD Release 12 format, for maximum flexibility in their use. These are provided as a single closed polyline, to allow for area analysis and easy section manipulation within a drawing.

The 3D SAT files are provided in ACIS Version 1.7 format, again for maximum flexibility. The SAT files are provided as a solid model with a section length of 1000 mm.

These format were chosen for their consistency and stability, and should be accessible by the majority of CAD programs.

The SAT and DWG files are provided in their native (uncompressed) format, so Internet-enabled CAD programs may be able to directly access them from within that CAD program. The DXF files are compressed in ZIP archive format due to their larger physical file size.

While we have made every effort to check and verify the information provided here we can give no guarantees
as to its accuracy. If you do find an error please advise us so we can correct it.

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